About RISA

RISA started out as an association with the focus being primarily on the Forestry Industry in Alberta, Canada. At the time, we were known as FISAA (Forest Industry Suppliers Association of Alberta) and our mission was “to be the leading Alberta association fostering business opportunities between forest industry producers and suppliers”. From there, the association grew and eventually added the Logging Industry to our scope of service. At this time, FISAA became FISLA (Forest Industry Suppliers & Logging Association) in 2001. Eventually, FISLA started to expand its scope of service to include all the natural resource sectors across Canada and became RISA (Resource Industry Suppliers Association).

Our Board of Directors

RISA is proud to be supported by our knowledgeable and insightful Board of Directors. Our board is made up of established individuals representing several organizations related to the Resource Industry.

Colin Grindle


Amrak Innovation

Erin Perez-Nafarrate

1st Vice President

ALS Enviromental

Tanya Adie

Executive Director

Resource Industry Suppliers Association

Adam Atkins


Hertz Equipment Rentals

Dean Arnal


Supreme Group

Christopher Johnston


Stuart Olson

Basia Arnal

Manager; Event & Member Relations

Resource Industry Suppliers Association