RISA started out as an association with the focus being primarily on the Forestry Industry in Alberta, Canada. At the time, we were known as FISAA (Forest Industry Suppliers Association of Alberta) and our mission was “to be the leading Alberta association fostering business opportunities between forest industry producers and suppliers”. From there, the association grew and eventually added the Logging Industry to our scope of service. At this time, FISAA became FISLA (Forest Industry Suppliers & Logging Association) in 2001. Eventually, FISLA started to expand its scope of service to include all the natural resource sectors across Canada and became RISA (Resource Industry Suppliers Association).

While we have grown and adapted our association to industry and economic demands, our primary focus of fostering business opportunities has not changed. As a not-for-profit association our focus has always been, and will continue to be, on our members and how we can bring value to them through business to business connections.

Our Members

Our membership base spans across the natural resource industry sectors and includes businesses and associations both large and small in scale. Our events have attracted members from outside these particular sectors as well and includes organizations who may provide goods and/or services that are outside the core scope of the natural resource industry sectors but are essential none-the-less.

We are aware service and supply organizations are feeling the economic pressures of the industry transition. As proponents of industry, we at RISA we are striving to expand on various opportunities, such as the piledriving / deep foundation solutions sector, and find ways in which you can utilize your equipment, expertise, and services by diversifying.

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Resource Industry Suppliers Association

Edmonton, Alberta

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Shutdowns Canada

Shutdowns Canada is dedicated to posting Oil and Gas Industry Maintenance Shutdowns in Alberta and Western Canada. While shutdowns are free to post, a subscription is required in order to view them. If you are already a Shutdowns Canada subscriber, just login with your username and password and you will have access to all the shutdowns and contact information currently posted. Supplier Sponsors are important since it is their annual fee of $550 per year (plus GST) that ultimately pays for the maintenance of Shutdowns Canada. Supplier Shutdown Sponsors membership run a calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31). For their investment, supplier sponsors get access to the password protected area that provides the detailed shutdown information

Administrative Staff

Tanya Adie

Executive Director

[email protected]

Basia Arnal

Manager; Event and Member relations

[email protected]

RISA is proud to be supported by our knowledgeable and insightful Board of Directors. Our board is made up of established individuals representing several organizations related to the Resource Industry.